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21 - 23
AUG 2024




We are excited to welcome you to the event and to get things going we would like to invite you to nominate leaders of the industry in the various categories for our esteemed Eventus Awards. 


Head on over to make your vote count. 




An opulent and luxurious 5-star hotel in Lagos, Sun International’s Federal Palace is conveniently located in the heart of Victoria Island’s commercial district. Catering for the corporate traveller, guests can expect excellent service and facilities. Boasting an award-winning space, the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino has been recognised for its immense contribution to the gaming industry in Lagos, receiving the Lagos State Lotteries Board Outstanding Contribution Award in the casino category.


You should have received your name badge/ pass to SBWA+ 2022 via email. To ensure social distancing in the queues, kindly print out the badge in colour and bring it to the event where you will collect your plastic pouch and lanyard at the registration desk. Note that without your printed pass you will not be able to access the event.  

Have not received your name badge?

Please email us at:


You should have received a social media post design announcing your attendance at #SBWANigeria2022 Should you wish to do so, you may share this design on your social media platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to announce your presence. 


When sharing, kindly use #SBWA2023 and #EventusInternational so that we can also pick up your post and also share it on our platforms. 


On LinkedIn, you may tag the following for thread recognition:   

1) Eventus International

2) Yudi Soetjiptadi - Managing Director at Eventus International

3) Lou-Mari Burnett - Marketing Director at Eventus International

4) Josh Blom - Operations Director at Eventus International

5) Simoné van der Merwe - Events Administration Manager at Eventus International -

6) Tyler Boltman - Online Marketing Manager at Eventus International -


On other social media platforms, you may tag the following: 

1) Facebook - 

2) Twitter - 

3) YouTube - 

4) Instagram -


Important Health & Safety Information:

The below measurements will be followed:

- Temperature checks will be conducted on both days of the event

- All guests to sign a code of conduct confirming that they will be wearing a mask at all times

- Social distancing will be maintained

- All guests to abide by the no-handshake rule

- All guests to self-monitor for any Covid-19 symptoms and report if they are feeling unwell

- No PCR/ Rapid Antigen test or vaccine card is required, but there will be screening and a questionnaire to be completed on arrival in the Convention Centre.


Should you need any assistance with final arrangements before the show, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We look forward to welcoming you to Sports Betting West Africa+ 2023!

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